Choose Photographers based on your needs

September 4, 2009

When you are looking at a photographer, you really need to take into account the type of photography you want. Contemporary photojournalistic wedding photography has very little to do with studio portrait photography; commercial product photography is unrelated to fashion photography.

If you live in a large photography market, you can find photographers that specialize in a specific type of photography. Wedding Photography lends itself to specialization: David Ziser is a long established wedding photographer in the Cincinnati area; Jasmine Star is a great California based photographer. Most metropolitan areas will have a number of wedding photographers to choose from.

Other photographic specialties include: Portraits, Senior Pictures, Commercial Photography (itself having numerous sub-specialties), Stock Photography, Sports Photography, Event Photography, Photojournalism, and the list goes on.

In a small market (like Beaufort), most photographers need to diversify. It is not unusual for photographers to offer the big three: Wedding, Senior Sessions and Child Photography. If a photographer is not a specialist, it does not mean they don’t have an excellent product. It is simply that the business reality is such that they can’t do their preferred work all the time.

They key is to look at a photographer’s portfolio and choose one you like.

Or, if you’re lucky, you can find a photographer that doesn’t charge anything unless you’re satisfied with the end product :)

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