You need family photos NOW!

September 18, 2009

It does not matter if you are single, newly wed or retired; parents or grand-parents. You need photographs of your loved ones now!

Use a disposable camera, a point & shoot or even a polaroid (does it even still exist?). It doesn’t matter. Just get photos!

Photographs are the only visible reminder most of us have of our loved ones once they are gone. No matter how many photos of them you have, you will want more. Most folks have a fair number of kid pictures but when the children become teenagers, fewer and fewer pictures get taken. As people move into adulthood, picture taking slowly trickles to a stop.

When I lost my father, I had a few black & white photos of him as a young man and a newly wed. There is also a few young couple snapshots from the family album, but only a very few of him as a middle-aged man. Only a single snapshot of the entire family exists. I wish there was more.

I recently lost another family member. There are simply not enough photos of them.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take pictures now. Who cares if they are candid shots! When you remember your loved ones, it won’t matter.

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