Month: November, 2009

Corporate Waterfall | Chicago Travel Photography

November 30, 2009

Corporate Waterfall

On a recent business trip to the Chicago area, I was looking for something to photograph. As it turns out, the building had this water feature in a courtyard.  I’m sure the office workers were wondering who the strange man laying on the ground was.

Sometimes, to get a cool photograph you simply have to change your perspective. Get down on the ground or step up on a ladder.

The Friendly Mitul

November 24, 2009

This is a photograph of the Mitul we took during a session in Savannah.

This is the same young man featured in this more foreboding photograph.

The hostas add a bit of interest to the image.

It almost feels like a game of peek-a-boo between the subject and the viewers.

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Yankee Fan in Savannah

November 23, 2009

Yankee Fan
Meandering along River Street is a good way to find interesting people.

On a warm sunny day, this gentleman was taking in the view of the Savannah River.

I noticed him sitting on a bench with the Colt. When asked if I could take his photograph, he was gracious enough to oblige.

As we chit chatted, he mentioned being bound for New York City. Based on his jacket, I feel confident saying that he his a Yankee Fan.

What to do with shoe box photographs?

November 18, 2009

Most of us have a “shoe box” full of photographs. Images we have collected over time, depicting our journey through life. Sometimes, we even have photographs from our parents and grand-parents in there.

Those photos deserve a better place than a shoe box! The problem is that most of us don’t know what to do with 100 or more photographs.

One time honored tradition is to put the photographs in an album. This is an excellent alternative to the shoe box and highly encouraged! Unfortunately, we never seem to have enough time to put one of those album together.

Another alternative is to let a professional take care of it. This opens up many possibilities, especially if the images are scanned and digitized. With digital images you can:

  • email them to friends and family and post them on-line.
  • create a custom album with your images.
  • create multi-photo large prints.
  • restore damaged photographs.

In the end, you get something that you can proudly display.

Why do we take virtual photographs?

November 17, 2009

When you ask parents why they take photos, you get answers like “To record our child’s growth”, “to have memories”. With the advent of digital cameras, we take more pictures than ever before. Unfortunately, most of them sit on a computer, rarely seen or enjoyed. We have virtual photographs.

In all fairness, to go form the image on the computer to a finished photograph ready to display is quite an inconvenient process:

  • Have the image printed – upload it or drive to the store to have it done
  • Wait around for the image to print – or drive to the store to pick it up
  • Find a home for the print:
    • Look for a suitable frame, purchase it, put the print in the frame
    • Look for an album, purchase it and populate it with prints.

With today’s busy lifestyle, who has the time to do all that?

When dealing with a full service photographer, many of these inconveniences disappear:

  • The photographer goes to your home to discuss your session and could even take the photographs there
  • The photographer shows you a selection of images and you discuss together what you would like to have: framed photos or an album designed. The photographer can provide guidance, show you images of different sizes, help with frame selection, etc…
  • When the final product is ready, it is delivered to you.

The end result are photographs that physically exist and are displayed for all to see. Not just a pile of bits on a computer disk.

Why should family portraits be inconvenient?

November 16, 2009

Talk to people about having family portraits taken, especially if they have young children, and you get variations on the following scenario:

  • Get everyone cleaned up, dressed up and prettied up
  • Pile everyone in the car and drive to the studio
  • Wait while the family in front of you finishes up
  • Get the photographs taken, which magically causes the kids to fuss at each other or burst into tears
  • You have to rush through the session, since there is another family waiting…
  • Gotta make a decision about which package to get right now; while the kids are crying
  • A week later, you have to drive to the studio and pick up the prints – or they mail them and they get crammed in a mail box or get wet in a thunderstorm…
  • Now you get to cut the photographs, since they all came in sheets.
  • You have to shop for a frame (or two or three) or an album to put the small prints in

You might even have experienced this yourself. It’s a wonder family photos ever get taken! Now, let’s imagine the following scenario:

  • Photographer comes to your home to discuss what you want to accomplish and discuss some options.
  • Photographer meets you at your home, the beach, the kids’ favorite park – wherever you want – to take the photographs
    • Why just do a family photo? While we’re here, why not take photos of Mom & Dad, the kids playing and laughing. For the fun of it, let’s change outfits too!
  • Photographer meets you at your home and presents the images. You can have a leisurely conversation about frames or albums and how to present the photographs and what would look good with your decor.
  • Final product is hand-delivered to your home in person.

Doesn’t this sound like a much better alternative? In fact, you might not have to leave your living room at all!

This is what we like to offer our customers. Why should your family portrait be inconvenient?

A Boy and his Dog

November 15, 2009

This image was taken during the halloween celebration in downtown Beaufort. A family was walking by when a strange man with a camera asked if he could take their photograph. Lucky for me, I wasn’t the only strange person around with all the costumed halloween revelers.

My favorite image from that series.

Boy and his dog

Behind Bars?

November 9, 2009

This is another interesting photograph. Most of us would infer that the subject is in some sort of jail cell, maybe it’s how we picture a Ken Lay or Dennis Kozlowsky.

But is the subject really behind bars? Could it be a District Attorney looking in?

behind bars

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Say hello to my little friend

November 6, 2009

Earlier this summer, I had a visitor that would stop by every evening, like clockwork.

For a week, it perched on my office window, patiently waiting for meal time to arrive. It figured out that flies congregate around the lit window at night.

One day, it simply didn’t show up. This photograph is an ode to my little friend.

night visitor

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Photographs with Strong Emotional Impact

November 5, 2009

Hooded in the ParkIf you don’t believe that a photograph can generate an emotional response, simply look at this image.

Sometimes, we react in a visceral way to something we see.

Is the young man in this image someone you would approach?

His expression is neutral, but because of the shadows and the stark rendering in Black & White, this image has a certain foreboding feel to it.

As a portrait photographer, we try to impart an emotional meaning to images of our subject.

Most of the times, we tend to portray the joy and happiness that surrounds us and that our subjects feel.

Occasionally, we go for something a bit more unsettling.

I believe this image achieves that.