Mr. Johnathan – Surveying his domain

November 1, 2009

Every photographer has their own unique style. At Southern Photographic Images, we try to create interesting image that convey a story.

For me, this particular image evokes the feel of a captain of industry looking over his factory. It speaks to me of power and determination.

johnathan - Looking over his domain

You might interpret the image totally differently and not care for it at all. That’s the beauty of art. Each individual perceives an image uniquely. That’s why I don’t give much weight to art critics.

On the other hand, it points to the importance of talking with your photographer about what you want to show in your image. If you want a fun photo, but you get glamour head shots, you might be disappointed. While the images might be technically great and beautiful, it’s not what you were looking for.

Have a discussion with your Photographer before hand.

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