Why do we take virtual photographs?

November 17, 2009

When you ask parents why they take photos, you get answers like “To record our child’s growth”, “to have memories”. With the advent of digital cameras, we take more pictures than ever before. Unfortunately, most of them sit on a computer, rarely seen or enjoyed. We have virtual photographs.

In all fairness, to go form the image on the computer to a finished photograph ready to display is quite an inconvenient process:

  • Have the image printed – upload it or drive to the store to have it done
  • Wait around for the image to print – or drive to the store to pick it up
  • Find a home for the print:
    • Look for a suitable frame, purchase it, put the print in the frame
    • Look for an album, purchase it and populate it with prints.

With today’s busy lifestyle, who has the time to do all that?

When dealing with a full service photographer, many of these inconveniencesĀ disappear:

  • The photographer goes to your home to discuss your session and could even take the photographs there
  • The photographer shows you a selection of images and you discuss together what you would like to have: framed photos or an album designed. The photographer can provide guidance, show you images of different sizes, help with frame selection, etc…
  • When the final product is ready, it is delivered to you.

The end result are photographs that physically exist and are displayed for all to see. Not just a pile of bits on a computer disk.

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