Why should family portraits be inconvenient?

November 16, 2009

Talk to people about having family portraits taken, especially if they have young children, and you get variations on the following scenario:

  • Get everyone cleaned up, dressed up and prettied up
  • Pile everyone in the car and drive to the studio
  • Wait while the family in front of you finishes up
  • Get the photographs taken, which magically causes the kids to fuss at each other or burst into tears
  • You have to rush through the session, since there is another family waiting…
  • Gotta make a decision about which package to get right now; while the kids are crying
  • A week later, you have to drive to the studio and pick up the prints – or they mail them and they get crammed in a mail box or get wet in a thunderstorm…
  • Now you get to cut the photographs, since they all came in sheets.
  • You have to shop for a frame (or two or three) or an album to put the small prints in

You might even have experienced this yourself. It’s a wonder family photos ever get taken! Now, let’s imagine the following scenario:

  • Photographer comes to your home to discuss what you want to accomplish and discuss some options.
  • Photographer meets you at your home, the beach, the kids’ favorite park – wherever you want – to take the photographs
    • Why just do a family photo? While we’re here, why not take photos of Mom & Dad, the kids playing and laughing. For the fun of it, let’s change outfits too!
  • Photographer meets you at your home and presents the images. You can have a leisurely conversation about frames or albums and how to present the photographs and what would look good with your decor.
  • Final product is hand-delivered to your home in person.

Doesn’t this sound like a much better alternative? In fact, you might not have to leave your living room at all!

This is what we like to offer our customers. Why should your family portrait be inconvenient?

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