Canadian Airport Lights and Security – both never ending

January 29, 2010

Ottawa Airport US ConcourseWhile I am a Beaufort based photographer, I do get around quite a bit. Recent trips included such exotic (and cold!) destinations as Waukesha, WI and Ottawa, Canada. This particular photograph was taken at the Ottawa International Airport.

Did I mention this was in early January and that Ottawa is the second coldest capital city in the world – Moscow has the dubious honor of being the first. While Beaufort was suffering through a cold snap with 30 degree weather, I was dealing with a high 10 degrees! Lucky for me, they do have heat in Canadian airports.

They also have some wonderful new security rules that forbid carry on baggage other that small purses and laptop bags. Only for flights to the US mind you. Since I carry a small backpack, I could not bring it with me on the plane. It had to be checked in.  I wasn’t about to let the camera and computer ride the conveyer belt or face the ground crew! Let’s just say it was interesting going through security with my pockets loaded with lens, batteries, camera and laptop computer.

By contrast, facing the US border agent was a breeze. Yes, you clear customs while still in Canada. This is where you wait for the flights to the US. The concourse was added recently and has a very… industrial feel to it: brushed steel, metal beam ceiling and these hanging lights.

As I was sprawled on the bench, recovering from the security gauntlet and feeling like a pack mule, I noticed the ceiling lights. Their symmetry just begging to be photographed. I did process the image to darken the lower portion and really put the emphasis on the row of lights…much like canadian airport security, it seems to never end.

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