eStork – helping deployed military connect with their newborn

January 4, 2010

Being a Beaufort-based Photographer, I am extremely proud of the Marine Corp. They have become an ever present part of our life. Be it the noise of F18 doing carrier landing exercises or noticing the plethora of high and tights, the military presence adds to Beaufort’s unique charm.

As a Photographer, I love a Marine’s dress uniform. There is a richness and a vibrancy to its colors. It could very well be that I have been influenced by the Corp’s fantastic commercials – I tip my hat to the JWT advertising agency. You have to admit, no other branches has commercial sport with as much mystique.

For all the sexiness of the commercials, the military life is a difficult one. It is replete with sacrifices and hardship. Not only the physical danger, but also the strain on relationships and family caused by deployments.

I have looked for a good way to show appreciation to our military and their family for all the sacrifices they make. While we offer a military discount, I wanted to do something more. I am thrilled to announce that our studio has joined the eStork program.

eStork was created to help with a heartbreaking situation: A deployed serviceman unable to be at their child’s birth.

The goal of the program is simple: provide nice portraits of newborns that can be emailed to the deployed spouse.

Participating photographers offer a free newborn session and provide a no cost CD with images suitable for emailing.

To participate, simply contact a participating photographer and schedule a session.  In the Beaufort area, you can contact us at 263-9706 (or via our contact form). For other areas, the eStork web site has a list of photographers.

This is a small way to give back to the military community.

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