Save the Naked Prints!

January 22, 2010

Low Country photography is being assaulted by a terrible blight.  As a Beaufort Photographer, I find myself at the vanguard of the fight against this affliction. It’s the Naked Print. It goes by many names: gift prints, photo package, picture sheet. Regardless of the name, they are those photos that come in an envelope.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the photographs themselves. I am certain they are quite lovely. What I’m railing against is our propensity to procrastinate displaying those photographs for others to enjoy! Human nature is what gets me!

I would venture to say the majority of naked prints stay in the envelope. It’s not the print’s fault. In this day and age, who has the time to go out and look for a frame? And woe be to you if you have a “sheet” – you actually have to cut the photographs?! We just don’t do it.  As a result, we have lonely languishing naked prints. Forgotten in a curio box.

You might think I’m on a quixotic quest to change the plight of naked prints worldwide. Unlike Don Q., I’m not going to flail at the windmill of human nature. But as a Beaufort Photographer, I will do my part to fight it locally.

This is why at Southern Photographic Images, every prints we offer, regardless of size, comes with a complimentary frame. From the smallest of 4×5 to the largest of 40×30, they come ready to display.

Our standard frame is a wall mount black or silver frame; nothing fancy (we can do fancy if you want). If ordering a small gift print, you can ask us for a desk frame instead and we will find you something suitable. The key is that when you receive the print, it is ready to display.

Imagine if all your photographs came ready to show the world! No more excuses not to proudly display your family memories!

We’re doing our part, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help! I implore you, rescue your naked prints today.

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