Beaufort Goodwill Karate Tournament Photography

February 28, 2010

Goodwill Karate TournamentI have been at the annual Club Karate Goodwill Tournament a few times. This is a very well regarded event that puts the emphasis on fun and sportsmanship. As with any tournaments, there is a winner, and they do get recognition. However, everyone that enters an event gets a trophy.  Not just a small trophy, but a huge 3 foot tall, the parents realize they needed the SUV to bring it home, kind of trophy.

Clubs from all over the Southeastern states come to Beaufort every year. This year, we had competitors as far away as Virginia and New York!  It is a testament to Mr. Elias that year after year, the tournament brings in people from so far away.

This was my first year photographing the tournament – previously I was a participant – and I had a blast. With nine rings going at once, you can’t cover everything. It made me feel like I had ADD, running from ring to ring.

This particular photograph was taken during an intermediate level bout in the 12-13 year old category. Looking at it, I get the impression that the white participant gets lifted in the air by the force of the blow. In reality, that is not what happened. White jumped to tag black with a downward back knuckle on the helmet.  I also like the contrast of the dynamism of the participants with the static pose of the referee in the background.

Congratulation to Mr. Elias for putting on such a great event!

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