Month: March, 2010

Annual Daffodil Picking on Cat Island

March 13, 2010

This weekend, we had the opportunity to go pick daffodils on Cat Island.  This annual event is a sure sign that spring is soon to arrive. Normally, the daffodil picking happens in February, but with the unseasonably cold weather Beaufort experienced, it was pushed back to mid-March. The public is invited to the farm and can pick as many of the yellow flowers as they can carry.

Much to the dismay of the rest of my party, I was busier taking photos than picking flowers. They made it a point to let me know my future was not in floral harvesting… That’s ok, we all have our areas of expertise. Mine does not include plucking daffodils from the ground.

Ouch! That must hurt! – Club Karate Goodwill Tournament Photography

March 12, 2010

Here is another image from the recent Club Karate Goodwill Tournament. As I mentioned earlier, this is a great tournament that is all about participation and having fun. Everybody goes home with a trophy. It is all about the kids and the underbelts (non black belts). Each event normally has three black belt judges who either score the kata or when sparring, score a point.

However, once the tournament is officially over, some of the judges like to get in on the action. After all, it’s no fun to go to a tournament and not test yourself against other worthy opponents. And so, they get ready to rumble. These sparring rounds are not really scored or judged. It is just for the fun of it.

This photo is from one of those friendly bout. Rest assured that while it appears the gentleman in the red helmet was kicked in the air, no one was hurt. One of the skills martial artists develop over time is the ability to absorb hits. Besides, these are friendly games and the kicks and punches are little more than friendly taps. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

BYO String Ensemble – Dramatic Version

March 9, 2010

I wanted to revisit the BYO String ensemble one last time before we changed subject.
This photograph is the same image we used to introduce the String Ensemble last week. The only difference is the black & white treatment applied.
However, this image is considerably more dramatic. I am a big fan of Black & White imagery. I feel that human emotions are more readily conveyed when the color is not present to distract us.

Getting Ready to Face the Music

March 7, 2010

Here is another image taken during the recent Beaufort Youth Orchestra String Ensemble event held at ARTwork. This young violinist was getting ready for the concert, tuning the instrument and studying the music. He was so intent on his preparations that I don’t believe he realized I took his photograph.

The black and white treatment adds impact to the photograph. To me, it speaks of being focused and alone with your thoughts before the big event.

While the image is not your typical bio headshot, these are the kind of photographs that are fun to create.

Catch the next concert of BYO on May 6 and 9 at the USCB Performing Arts Center.

Beaufort Youth Orchestra – String Ensemble

March 5, 2010

This evening, I had the privilege to photograph a wonderful quartet of young musicians. They are part of the Beaufort Youth Orchestra’s String Ensemble. Ms. Maddox, BYO’s parent liaison, contacted me as part of my offer to photograph artists. As it turned out, the String Ensemble had a little concert at ARTWorks tonight, as part of the opening reception for Youth Art Month.

What a perfect occasion to take some portraits. As the musicians started to come in and setup, we took the opportunity to coral them and take a few photographs. They were very cooperative with the strange man asking them to show some “attitude”.

Soon it was time for them to get down to serious business and get ready. They performed a wonderful piece and received well deserved applause. Keep at it guys, you are all very talented!

Gwen and Hope

March 3, 2010

Gwen and her family were in town for Christmas and she wanted to give her parents a nice family portrait. As we were talking on the phone, my jaw dropped to the floor as she mentioned they were coming in from Chicago. I was honored they came all that way and chose me for their photography.

As we met in waterfront park, it became obvious this was a close family. The seven of them were wonderful to photograph. They were full of joy and happiness. The banter back and forth between the siblings was light hearted and friendly. In my mind, they are the Magnificent Seven – and much more photogenic than Yul Brinner.

In this particular image of Gwen and Hope, you can feel the bond these two sisters have. I simply love images that speak of a relationship, and this one resonates with me.

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