Gwen and Hope

March 3, 2010

Gwen and her family were in town for Christmas and she wanted to give her parents a nice family portrait. As we were talking on the phone, my jaw dropped to the floor as she mentioned they were coming in from Chicago. I was honored they came all that way and chose me for their photography.

As we met in waterfront park, it became obvious this was a close family. The seven of them were wonderful to photograph. They were full of joy and happiness. The banter back and forth between the siblings was light hearted and friendly. In my mind, they are the┬áMagnificent┬áSeven – and much more photogenic than Yul Brinner.

In this particular image of Gwen and Hope, you can feel the bond these two sisters have. I simply love images that speak of a relationship, and this one resonates with me.

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