Black Belt Testing in Beaufort

April 21, 2010

Friday night, we were at a regional black belt testing event at Club Karate in Beaufort. As a friend of the school, it was a pleasure to photograph part of the proceedings.

The seven black belt candidates participated in a grueling 3 hour test in front of a panel of three high ranking black belt examiners. Attempting to get your black belt is no sure thing. There have been instances where candidates passed out, got injured or simply were not successful in testing for their black belt.  However, I am pleased to say that all seven candidates obtained the degree of Black Belt in Chun Kuk Do.

These testing events are only held once or twice a year at different CKD schools in the region. We were fortunate this event was in Beaufort.  The school was packed with parents, siblings and students watching the proceedings.

This particular composite image is part of a Kata that Ms. Aud was performing in front of the panel. All candidates are required to perform  seven katas – a series of pre-defined punches, kicks and moves – similar to doing seven solo choreographies – where every element is evaluated.

It was a pleasure to photograph the proceedings and we’re looking forward to attending the next black belt test to take place in Beaufort.

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