Afton and Dad | Relationship Portraits

June 2, 2010

I have always been interested in photographing people. I believe a well executed portrait is timeless and can even be iconic. There are many types of portraits: formal, environmental, photojournalistic and so on. For me, black & white relationship portraits are a powerful way to document family milestones. Births, 1st birthday, childhood, teenage years, adulthood and mariage can all be captured. These images can be passed down through the generations and not look overly dated. The power of relationship portraits is the lack of distraction. You simply have the subjects and their connection.

This image of Afton was made soon after her 1st birthday. She’s full of curiosity and is not interested in sitting still. Forget about posing her! This is one of the challenge of portraiture. ┬áLife is much like a series of moments. This image captures one of those tender moments that lasted but a second. However, it immortalizes the bond between Afton and her father. Precious memories.

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