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Macon, GA Cherry Blossoms

April 5, 2010

A few weeks ago, the family took a little vacation to Macon, GA. This is our annual visit to the wonderful Cherry Blossom Festival, held every year in March. Witnessing thousands of blooming cherry blossoms is quite an extraordinary sight.

You can follow the cherry blossom trail and drive under canopies of white flowers. The ground is covered with white petals. It is quite marvelous.

After the pink pancake fireman breakfast, we wandered around central park to see the Mustang Exhibit. Over 70 mustangs of all vintages. While the children were busy riding some death spiral contraption, I noticed a cherry blossom tree nearby and decided to take a few photographs.

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Annual Daffodil Picking on Cat Island

March 13, 2010

This weekend, we had the opportunity to go pick daffodils on Cat Island.  This annual event is a sure sign that spring is soon to arrive. Normally, the daffodil picking happens in February, but with the unseasonably cold weather Beaufort experienced, it was pushed back to mid-March. The public is invited to the farm and can pick as many of the yellow flowers as they can carry.

Much to the dismay of the rest of my party, I was busier taking photos than picking flowers. They made it a point to let me know my future was not in floral harvesting… That’s ok, we all have our areas of expertise. Mine does not include plucking daffodils from the ground.

What’s with Wisconsin?

December 14, 2009

Waukesha SnowThis winter scene was captured during a recent stay in Waukesha, WI. For some inexplicable reason, mother nature decided she needed to dump 8 inches of snow while I was there! I’ve been living in Beaufort, SC for the last 6 years. I don’t do snow anymore!

The snow, I could reluctantly deal with. However, not content with a deluge of heavy wet stuff, temperature plummeted to a breezy 4 degrees Fahrenheit! Good Grief! It reinforces my resolve to stay put in my coastal oasis.

So what does a crazy camera-wielding Beaufortonian do? Go outside and take photographs.

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Palmetto & Moon | Hunting Island Photography

December 1, 2009

Palmetto and MoonThis image was captured on a recent week-end trip to Hunting Island.

With the moon being visible in the afternoon sky, I thought it would be nice to capture the symbols of the South Carolina flags. Besides, the Palmetto and Moon are also part of our company logo.

While this is not exactly a crescent moon, it still turned out nicely.

Corporate Waterfall | Chicago Travel Photography

November 30, 2009

Corporate Waterfall

On a recent business trip to the Chicago area, I was looking for something to photograph. As it turns out, the building had this water feature in a courtyard.  I’m sure the office workers were wondering who the strange man laying on the ground was.

Sometimes, to get a cool photograph you simply have to change your perspective. Get down on the ground or step up on a ladder.

Say hello to my little friend

November 6, 2009

Earlier this summer, I had a visitor that would stop by every evening, like clockwork.

For a week, it perched on my office window, patiently waiting for meal time to arrive. It figured out that flies congregate around the lit window at night.

One day, it simply didn’t show up. This photograph is an ode to my little friend.

night visitor

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Horizon on Fire

November 4, 2009

This photograph was captured on a trip to California, outside my hotel room.

I’ll let nature speak for itself on this one.


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Sunset at Beaufort’s Waterfront Park

October 26, 2009

As we were strolling in Beaufort’s Waterfront Park, we were struck by the beauty of the view.

This was a potent reminder of why we love the low country. Where else can you get such a magnificent vista from a downtown park?

Beaufort Sunset

Beaufort Sunset