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Behind Bars?

November 9, 2009

This is another interesting photograph. Most of us would infer that the subject is in some sort of jail cell, maybe it’s how we picture a Ken Lay or Dennis Kozlowsky.

But is the subject really behind bars? Could it be a District Attorney looking in?

behind bars

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Photographs with Strong Emotional Impact

November 5, 2009

Hooded in the ParkIf you don’t believe that a photograph can generate an emotional response, simply look at this image.

Sometimes, we react in a visceral way to something we see.

Is the young man in this image someone you would approach?

His expression is neutral, but because of the shadows and the stark rendering in Black & White, this image has a certain foreboding feel to it.

As a portrait photographer, we try to impart an emotional meaning to images of our subject.

Most of the times, we tend to portray the joy and happiness that surrounds us and that our subjects feel.

Occasionally, we go for something a bit more unsettling.

I believe this image achieves that.

Dewy Rose | Beaufort Photography

November 2, 2009

I noticed this Rose as I was walking towards the Methodist Church Bazaar.

The morning was unusually cold, and it caused the dew to stay on much later than usual.


Mr. Johnathan – Surveying his domain

November 1, 2009

Every photographer has their own unique style. At Southern Photographic Images, we try to create interesting image that convey a story.

For me, this particular image evokes the feel of a captain of industry looking over his factory. It speaks to me of power and determination.

johnathan - Looking over his domain

You might interpret the image totally differently and not care for it at all. That’s the beauty of art. Each individual perceives an image uniquely. That’s why I don’t give much weight to art critics.

On the other hand, it points to the importance of talking with your photographer about what you want to show in your image. If you want a fun photo, but you get glamour head shots, you might be disappointed. While the images might be technically great and beautiful, it’s not what you were looking for.

Have a discussion with your Photographer before hand.

Hunting Island Light House Bagpiper

October 29, 2009

Bagpiper at Hunting Island Lighthouse

Bagpiper at Hunting Island Lighthouse

This photograph was taken at the Hunting Island Lighthouse 150th Anniversary Celebrations. As the various dignitaries were gathering under the tent, the bagpiper was playing a reel.

I can’t help but imagine this bagpiper as the lighthouse keeper one hundred years ago, on this isolated island. No one to hear but the occasional sea gull. Maybe the plaintive notes would travel over the waters and let sailors know land was near.

Beaufort Haunted Library – Meet Your Guide

October 26, 2009

This past weekend was the Beaufort County Haunted Library Tour. This is an event organized by teenagers that are part of the teen advisory board. You get to visit after hours and meet some of the interesting denizens inhabiting the library when the lights are out…

We offered to take a few photographs of the proceedings. Here is a rather dramatic one of the tour guide.

Beaufort Library Tour Guide

Beaufort Library Tour Guide

Congratulation to all the teens for all their hard work and dedication to making the evening a success. Looking forward to next year’s tour.

Pigeon Point Park – Beaufort | Pensive Portrait

September 28, 2009

Deep in Thoughts

This photograph was taken at Pigeon Point Park in Beaufort during a lull in the hustle and bustle of week-end activities.

One wonders what our young model might be contemplating on this sunny day.

Trip’s Birthday Party

September 20, 2009

This week-end we had the opportunity to attend Master Trip’s Birthday party.
The theme of the evening was PIRATES!
What would a pirate story be without fair maidens?
And here is Pirate Trip being spurned by one of the maiden…
It appears that Pirate Trip is a chip off the old block…just look at mom’s true color!

Brittany near USCB

September 7, 2009

Brittany at USCB Brittany at USCB

Britanny is a lovely young woman I had the pleasure of photographing last week.

These images were taken on the USCB North Campus, near the Beaufort River.

While both poses are very similar, they have a totally different feel.

The one on the right looks much more playful. I believe the Black & White treatment makes it more dynamic.

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Boy at Korean War Memorial

September 3, 2009

During a DC trip, we visited the various memorials on the mall.

The boy was mesmerized by the Korean War Memorial. It is such a powerful image.

Boy at Korean War Memorial